As a national organization of the proposed platform...

While in Gau-sewa or cow-care, several persons/ entities operate. However, to achieve the desired fruit, importance of bringing all these functions under the umbrella of one, unified platform is needed along with the following qualities:

  • An organization of a basic functional, dedicated, Full Time Donor and experienced Gau-Bhakt (Cow –Devotee)
  • Must be widely recognized and acceptable
  • All Gau-sewa/ cow-care functionary individuals should be able to provide relevant dimension, guidelines and support environment as per needs of the institution

In this forum there will be a total of 18 cells which complete all Gau-mata related work & activities under the guidance of this National Guide System

National Guide System/ Board (Digdarshak Mandal)

Organization's fundamental purpose is to review decisions taken by the various cells, give them appropriate guidelines and act as a bridge between them. It will also work as coordination and completion between cells as per their requirement. The resources, finances of government, communication with other institutions and responsibility of implementation of action plan come under this organization. Member of the Board, in addition to having dedicated time-donors, eager and experienced Gau-bakht (Cow-Devotee), they shall be distinguished and eminent performers in their respective fields.

18 Cells

  1. Gaushala- Management Cell (Cow-shelter Cell): To provide land and other resources for cowshed
  2. Cow-breed Development (Gausanvardhan Cell): Cross-breed and efforts to increase productivity by promoting the conservation of Indigenous cattle
  3. Anti-Cow Slaughter Cell (Gau-Prevention Cell): Abattoir protection of cows to be taken to slaughter house and send all protected cow resources to cowshed
  4.  Dairy Products Cell: To provide milk/ dairy products in each Indian home
  5. Cultural and Spiritual Education Cell: Provide Gau-mata glory in Indian culture education
  6. Agriculture Cell: Restoring cow-based/ organic agriculture throughout country
  7. Environmental Cell: To educate and expand the role Cow or Gau-mata in environmental protection
  8. Energy Cell: Establishment of biogas/ bio-energy to introduce the power and importance of cow/ bull. Details and description of energy through cow dung
  9. Medical Cell: Disease therapy through use of cow urine and panchagavya
  10. Dissemination Unit (Social Network Cell): To promote the function of all chambers, planning through the press, electronic dissemination, social media and to communicate between the organization and society
  11. Research Cell (Research and Development Cell): Perform all other cell’s functions as per needs
  12. Political Cell: To make cow-protection/ cow-care the main subject of politics, to inspire other parties
  13. Agitation Cell: To implement the necessary framework of movement of organization and other cells
  14. Organization Coordination Cell: To make consent related to cow in various non-governmental, religious, political, social, racial, etc. groups
  15. Resource Mobilization Cell: Collecting resources for stage activities and events
  16. Marketing Cell: To market and sell Panchagavya/ cow related products all over the country
  17. Legal Cell: To find solution of any legal problems in the different organization cells
  18. Awareness & Event Management Cell: To enter in the middle of society, by means of walk travel promote the cow tradition.

Each cell will be required to one or more dedicated coordinators who will donate their time, be eager and experienced cow-devotee.

There will be regular meetings of each cell on following topics and the total description will be sent to the Board or Digdarshak Mandal

  • Organization Strengthening
  • Overview of Issues
  • Thinking and discussing solutions
  • Action Plan
  • Execution
  • Details of the necessary financial resources and collections

National Executive

National Working Committee will be created after including member of the National Board and coordinators of 18 cells. In addition, some invited members of the committee can be included as needed.